Here at the 48th we like to keep things interesting by not locking ourselves into a single faction or time period. So every month 1/2 to 2 months we swap campaigns: ranging from Modern Day Afghanistan to 1939 Poland. This allows us to capture new experience from different time periods all the way to completely fictional worlds.


We don’t like locking people into a specific role every week, as that can get tedious and boring doing the same thing every operation. As a result we have an Open-Role system where out players get to slot into which ever role that is available that they feel like. However specialist roles such as any form of Leadership, Medic or Fixed / Rotary Wing pilots will require members to complete a certification in order to prove that they can fulfil that role properly and without hindering other people within opertaions.


Our modpack changes with our campaigns, on estimate it is usually around 40GB, although it can and has been up to around 80GB. We use a software called Swifty to help us manage and edit our modpack as efficiently as possible.


The 48th isn’t just an Arma group, we are a community, as such we help multiple game servers ranging from Ark: Survival Evolved to Mordhau on top of our Arma servers. Our Discord is filled with people who are looking to play or people to play with, so we provide game servers for out members where needed, in order to give back to our community.