Below you can find a record of a few of our previous campaigns to give you a feel of the scope of our diverse operations.

Eagle First MAR 2020

On the 12th of May 2020 Chinese PLA Navy forces have started Xíngdòng qiǎngjié [Operation land grab] .One of the First action was to take the Nato Held Island of Namalsk,This island is precious due to is placement in the Baltic Sea and isolated Nature allowing Scientific Research.Once An old Soviet Mining Island it has long since been abandoned allowing for More Specific Tests to be carried out there.We are unaware if any of the US scientists Have made it off the island or were captured /Killed by Invading forces.

Thunder Stone FEB 2020

The takeover of the Main NVA air base in the south of the region has allowed ARVN /US Forces to get a great foot hold in the region.

We are now in the clean up phase of the operation quelling pockets of VC resistance.

However the Price of this war is becoming all too obvious and Support at home and in Congress is reaching all time low.

Operation Pygros Inspirita DEC 2019

This campain Centered Around AAF mechanized infantry on the lovley Terrain of sahrani the Fantastic campain included Hostage swaps,Armored pushes and CQB galore.

Operation dusty vanguard FEB 2020

Taking place on the Large Terrain of altis Operation Dusty Vanguard saw us facing of Against CSAT.After a All out nato push to the north we stepped into a ambush AAF forces pushing us to escape and Evade